In 16.89 / ESD.352 the students will first be requested to know the necessary factor challenges in designing flooring and home telescopes, the stakeholder building and value flows, and the precise execs and cons of the proposed enterprise. The first half of the class will deal with performing an intensive architectural analysis of the necessary factor astrophysical, engineering, human, budgetary and broader protection factors which will be involved on this dedication. It would require the students to carry out a qualitative and quantitative conceptual study all through the primary half of the semester and advocate a small set of promising architectures for extra study on the Preliminary Design Overview (PDR).

Every lunar flooring telescopes along with orbital locations must be considered.

The second half of the class will then resolve 1-2 of the top-rated architectures for a lunar telescope facility and develop the concept in extra ingredient and present the detailed design on the Important Design Overview (CDR). This might not solely sketch out the science program, telescope construction and design, however moreover the stakeholder relationships, a tricky estimate of funds and timeline, and as well as clarify the place that human explorers could or must play all through every deployment and servicing/operations of such a facility (if any).

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