Passions of the soul. Resurrection


Passions make us endure and may spoil our life.

Create a higher understanding of human passions.

Intense feelings of passionate love affect the thoughts in the same means as drugs like cocaine.

Straightforward strategies to transit from passionate wish to compassionate?

Obtain a deeper notion into chemistry, lust and obsession.

Why is chemistry not the same as compatibility?

Discover out about neuroscience of chemistry, lust, love and hatred.

Self-love, self- esteem and self- compassion are the keys for psychological well- being and psychological properly being.

“An emotion which is a passion, ceases to be a passion, as rapidly as we sort a clear and distinct idea of it.” (Baruch Spinoza).

This course containing 22  lectures and 1,5 h  of video with 4 assignments will stroll you via the understanding of passions which will burn our soul.

It is best to have further ideas about loneliness, isolation, melancholy, identification catastrophe and sexual burnout.

You’ll uncover how one can restore your soul by working in direction of resilience, mindfulness, compassion, self- love and sexual consciousness.

By the end of the course you’ll actually really feel further assured how one can apply the experience for persona development, non-public growth and non-public transformation.



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