Microsoft Power BI DAX from Scratch


In the event you’re any person dealing with reporting, with the help of DAX capabilities you could unlock the superior power of reporting in Energy BI. These capabilities will present you the way to get larger info insights.

DAX or Information Analysis Expression is a library of capabilities and operators, using which you’ll create formulation and expressions. This will present you the way to with creating extremely efficient formulation to ease your info analysis and reporting course of.

This course is designed in a Draw back Assertion – Reply format the place we start with the difficulty to which a solution is sought with the help of DAX capabilities the place each a part of the expression is clearly outlined in easy-to-understand phrases,

What’s in retailer for you?

On this course, you’ll

1. Understand the concept of DAX and recommendations on the way to create calculate column, measure, tables, and quick measures

2. From the exhaustive guidelines of DAX capabilities, we could be wanting into primarily probably the most incessantly used capabilities from the family of

  • Date and Time function – WEEKDAY,  EDATE, EOMONTH,  DATEDIFF, TODAY, NOW

  • Textual content material function – FORMAT, COMBINEVALUES, LEFT, RIGHT, FIND, UPPER, LOWER, UNICHAR, REPT

  • Logical function – IF, Nested IF, AND, OR, SWITCH

  • Relationship function – RELATED, CROSSFILTER, RELATEDTABLE

  • X-function – SUMX, RANKX


  • Statistical function – DISTINCTCOUNT

  • Time intelligence function- DATESYTD, DATEADD, SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR

  • Knowledge function- CONTAINS

  • Desk manipulation function- SUMMARIZECOLUMNS

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