Data Base Management System Class 10 I.T.

Data Base Management System Class 10  I.T. Coupon


On this course, we’ll study:

1.What’s the which means of Knowledge?  What’s the which means of Info? What’s the  distinction between Knowledge and Info?

2.What is supposed by Database? 

3.Databases could be categorised into two sorts. What are these sorts? Focus on. or

What’s Flat file database and Relational Database?

4.What’s DBMS? What are the options of DBMS?   What’s the distinction between DBMS and Flat File?

5.DBMS is used for varied enterprise actions. Give examples. Or

What are the functions of DBMS?

6.What are the varied benefits of database or DBMS?

7.What’s the which means of information redundancy?

8.What is supposed by information consistency?

9.What are the varied disadvantages of DBMS?

10.What are the varied elements of DBMS?

11. What’s the which means of database servers?

12. What is supposed by RDBMS?

13. What are the benefits of Relational Databse?

14. What’s the which means of i) Merchandise ii) Document iii) discipline iv) worth

15. What are the important thing options of a database?

16. What is supposed by DML, SQL and DDL?

17. What’s the which means of Major Key and Overseas Key?

18. What’s the which means of Composite Major Key?

and far more….

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