Creating .Net Core Microservices using Clean Architecture

Creating .Net Core Microservices using Clean Architecture Coupon


Microservices are a design sample wherein functions are composed of unbiased modules that talk with one another inside nicely outlined boundaries. This makes it simpler to develop, check, and deploy remoted components of your software.

On this specific part, you can be studying plethora of applied sciences coming collectively for the frequent goal. Within the first phase, you can be constructing Microservices module utilizing clear structure. Additionally, you will be implementing CQRS design sample as a way to implement the clear structure design. Right here, you’ll discover ways to apply all of the business finest practices collectively. This collection is designed utilizing .Internet Core 6 and Angular 15. Angular is used within the shopper software. For that there’s a separate dedicate course for that.

This course is a part of Microservices collection the place in you’ll be taught all minute particulars associated to Microservices. Throughout this studying path, you’ll discover ways to join the dots utilizing totally different applied sciences and tooling. This course “Getting Began with Microservices utilizing Clear Structure” is the primary a part of the collection.

Different components embody

2. Securing Microservices utilizing Identification Server 4

3. Implementing Cross Slicing Considerations

4. Versioning Microservices

5. Constructing Angular Utility for MicroServices

6. Deploying Microservices to Kubernetes and AKS

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IDE Required:- You’ll be able to both use Visible Studio or JetBrains Rider, or VS Code itself.

On this course you can be studying and implementing following issues.

  • Introduction

  • Course Overview

  • Structure Overview

  • Undertaking Overview

  • Branching Technique

  • Layered Vs Area Centric

  • Hexagonal Structure

  • Onion Structure

  • Clear Structure

  • CQRS Sample

  • Resolution Overview

  • Demo

  • Creating Catalog Microservice utilizing Clear Structure

  • Introduction

  • Creating Empty Resolution

  • Including Required Undertaking References

  • Startup and Program file creation

  • Launch property adjustments

  • Entity creation

  • Repositories creation

  • Seed information setup

  • Catalog context implementation

  • Seed information property adjustments

  • Product repository implementation – half 1

  • Product repository implementation – half 2

  • Get All Manufacturers Handler

  • Implementing Lazy Mapper

  • Get All Merchandise Handler

  • Get All Sorts Handler

  • Get Product By Id and Title Handler

  • Get Product By Model Handler

  • Create Product Handler

  • Delete Product Handler

  • Base Controller Setup

  • Startup Registration

  • Startup Registration – 2nd Half

  • Get Product By Id Controller Methodology

  • Remaining Controller Implementations

  • Docker File Replace

  • Operating Docker File from IDE

  • Docker Undertaking Creation

  • Catalog Stream

  • Debugging Catalog Utility

  • Catalog Specs Setup

  • Search Filter Implementation

  • Sorting Performance Implementation

  • Sorting Performance Implementation – 2nd Half

  • Testing Looking and Sorting

  • Fastened Catalog Question

  • Fastened Undertaking Reference

  • Creating Basket Microservice utilizing Clear Structure

  • Introduction

  • Basket MicroService Undertaking Creation

  • Creating Basket Entities

  • Basket Repository Implementation

  • Purchasing Cart Response Creation

  • Get Basket By UserName Handler

  • Create Purchasing Command Handler

  • Delete Basket By UserName

  • Including Nuget Packages in Basket API Undertaking

  • Startup File Creation

  • Program File and App Setting Adjustments

  • Basket Controller Creation

  • Docker File and Docker Compose Adjustments

  • Testing Basket inside Docker Container

  • Container Administration utilizing Portainer

  • Creating Low cost Microservice Utilizing Clear Structure

  • Introduction

  • Low cost Undertaking Creation

  • Including Undertaking References

  • Entities Creation

  • Repository Implementation

  • Including Db Extension

  • Low cost Proto File Creation

  • Get Low cost Question and Handler

  • Create Coupon Command Handler

  • Replace Low cost Command and Handler

  • Delete Low cost Command and Handler

  • Startup File Creation

  • Low cost Service Creation

  • Appsettings and Program File Adjustments

  • Docker File Adjustments

  • Container Situation Repair and Knowledge Visualisation

  • Consuming Low cost Microservice from Basket Microservice

  • Introduction

  • Consuming Low cost Microservice

  • Calling Low cost Microservice from Basket

  • Eradicating the Redundant References

  • Docker Quantity Situation

  • Debugging Basket and Low cost Service

  • Operating Low cost and Basket Microservice from Container

  • Creating Ordering Microservice utilizing Clear Structure

  • Introduction

  • Ordering Undertaking Creation

  • Implementing Ordering Core

  • Including Nuget Packages in Infrastructure

  • Order Context Creation

  • Creating OrderContextFactory and Seed Knowledge

  • Async Repository Implementation

  • Order Repository Implementation

  • Including Extensions

  • Creating Utility Undertaking Folders

  • Get Order Record Question and Handler

  • Checkout Order Command Handler

  • Replace Order Handler

  • Delete Order Command handler

  • Including Fluent Validation

  • Validation Exception

  • Replace Order Command Validator

  • Unhandled Exception Behaviour

  • Including Service Registrations

  • Including Nuget Packages in Ordering API

  • Startup Creation

  • Creating Db Extension

  • Program File Creation

  • Controller Creation Half 1

  • Controller Creation Half 2

  • Docker file adjustments

  • Operating Containers Domestically

  • Fixing Container Situation

  • Testing All Strategies on swagger

  • Async Communication between Rabbit MQ, Basket and Ordering Microservice

  • Introduction

  • Creating Occasion Bus Undertaking

  • Including Mass Transit Nuget Packages

  • Startup Adjustments for Mass Transit

  • Publishing Basket Checkout Occasion – 1st Half

  • Publishing Basket Checkout Occasion – 2nd Half

  • Testing Basket Checkout Occasion

  • Occasion Bus Docker Situation

  • Testing Checkout Occasion utilizing Docker

  • Including Nuget Packages and Undertaking Reference

  • Ordering Startup Adjustments

  • Basket Ordering Shopper Implementation

  • Situation At Shopper Finish

  • Fixing Container concern

  • Utility Gateway Implementation

  • Introduction

  • Undertaking Creation

  • Startup File Adjustments

  • Program File adjustments

  • Ocelot Configuration Adjustments

  • Changing the Undertaking as Net Undertaking

  • Docker File Adjustments

  • Gateway Situation

  • Gateway Demo

  • Whats Subsequent

On high of that, you’ll discover ways to write high quality code. 99% time you guys can be coding together with me. Therefore, you can be studying not solely the speculation half however reasonably its implementation as nicely.

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