230+ Exercises – Python for Data Science – NumPy + Pandas


  • completed course ‘200+ Workouts – Programming in Python – from A to Z’
  • completed course ‘210+ Workouts – Python Customary Libraries – from A to Z’
  • completed course ‘150+ Workouts – Object Oriented Programming in Python – OOP’
  • elementary knowledge of NumPy and Pandas


Welcome to the 230+ Workouts – Python for Information Science – NumPy + Pandas course the place you probably can examine your Python programming talents in info science, notably in NumPy and Pandas.

Some numpy topics you will note throughout the exercise routines:

  • working with numpy arrays
  • producing numpy arrays
  • producing numpy arrays with random values
  • iterating by arrays
  • dealing with missing values
  • working with matrices
  • learning/writing recordsdata
  • turning into a member of arrays
  • reshaping arrays
  • computing elementary array statistics
  • sorting arrays
  • filtering arrays
  • image as an array
  • linear algebra
  • matrix multiplication
  • determinant of the matrix
  • eigenvalues and eignevectors
  • inverse matrix
  • shuffling arrays
  • working with polynomials
  • working with dates
  • working with strings in array
  • fixing strategies of equations

Some pandas topics you will note throughout the exercise routines:

  • working with Assortment
  • working with DatetimeIndex
  • working with DataFrames
  • learning/writing recordsdata
  • working with utterly totally different info kinds in DataFrames
  • working with indexes
  • working with missing values
  • filtering info
  • sorting info
  • grouping info
  • mapping columns
  • computing correlation
  • concatenating DataFrames
  • calculating cumulative statistics
  • working with duplicate values
  • preparing info to machine learning fashions
  • dummy encoding
  • working with csv and json filles
  • merging DataFrames
  • pivot tables

The course is designed for people who’ve elementary knowledge in Python, NumPy and Pandas. It consists of 230 exercise routines with choices.

This is usually a good examine for individuals who discover themselves learning the Python language and knowledge science and are attempting for brand new challenges. Workouts are moreover examine sooner than the interview. Many well-liked topics have been coated on this course.

In case you’re questioning if it’s value taking a step within the path of Python, don’t hesitate any longer and take the issue for the time being.

Who this course is for:

  • all people who wants to check by doing
  • all people who wants to boost Python programming talents
  • all people who wants to boost info science talents
  • all people who wants to rearrange for an interview

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